Poetry d’Amour: Love Poems

I’m a bit happy! Today my copy of Poetry d’Amour 2014 (an anthology of love poems edited by Liana Joy Christensen) arrived in the mail:

Poetry d'Amour

The added surprise was that I’ve actually had not one, but two poems published in this collection! Was not expecting that. The first piece is about my amazing and grotesquely talented friend Ian Shoebridge:

The Poetry Reading

The second (and unexpected) piece is one from the verse novel I am (very slowly) writing, called ‘Warm in the Belly of a Monster’. Interestingly enough, this poem once existed as a short story – the first thing I ever had published, in fact. The story itself now makes me cringe (which is why I’m not providing a link to the book it’s published in) but hey, you gotta start somewhere. If I had never written that, I would not have been able to evolve to this stage:


Packs a punch, eh? Heh heh.

Anyway, if you would like to buy a copy of Poetry d’Amour 2014, head on over to the WA Poets Inc website.