To preface: at one point in my career I was a copywriter for the Australian retail giant Harvey Norman. I worked within their advertising agency which was called, appropriately enough, ‘Generic Publications’. There’s nothing more I need say about this; the name speaks for itself.

The following picture is of a catalogue I worked on, circa 2008:


Down the bottom, the copy reads:

The luxury of leather and modern influences combine in the ‘Danzig’. Features large square arms with double stitching and acrylic arm cover. Available in a large choice of leather colours. 10 year structural warranty.

For a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a collection of poetry using only the words that have been printed in a Harvey Norman catalogue. It is the true purpose of art, in my opinion, to ‘turn shit into gold’.

And so here it is, my first attempt:


Stitching in the influences
of  leather and leather – double arms
cover large acrylic features.

Combine with:
the year of luxury
and colours.

Arm warranty available – large choice.
Modern.  Structural.

10, Danzig in a square.

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