ZineWest 2014

This post is horribly overdue, but I was really happy to receive my copy of ZineWest 2014, a publication showcasing the talent of Western Sydney writers:

zinewest 1
My poem ‘The IKEA Squids of the Apocalypse‘ was awarded Best Poem and also Third Place overall. Which isn’t bad for a poem I penned in about 10 minutes one day while waiting for the guy from the gas company to turn up. (He never turned up).

zinewest 2

I wasn’t able to attend the launch because I was in a wedding (not my own; don’t worry I’ve still got a truck load of ill-fated romance poems to write before I finally decide to ditch men and become a cat lady) but I heard it was a great day. Hopefully I can be there this year!

My prize was a book pack, generously supplied by Giramondo Publishing. This included The Tribe by Michael Mohammed Ahmad, and The Incredible Here and Now by Felicity Castanga – which recently won the Prime Minister’s Award for Literature (Young Adult Fiction). They’re both excellent.

I grew up in Western Sydney, and it’s so wonderful to see all these powerful new voices coming out of a place that’s often dismissed as being a cultural wasteland.

A real honour to be involved. Cheers guys. 🙂

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