Another Day


C’mon, give it up says the youngster
fearless in a way only the inexperienced
or foolish can be. He, a lumbering carcass of a man
disagrees. I’ve written the book on hindsight
he’d say if he weren’t asleep. She’s a child
he can’t quite remember committing to –
a drunk pledge that coalesced into three dimensions
overnight. Outside their skins, their shadow selves
bait each other like Siamese fighting fish
in electric water. How dare you make me live!
he screams before falling awake.
She’s the caretaker of this wasteland
sweeping bones on the periphery
of his madness. They’ll meet in the bedroom
at dawn, arms threaded like a wrecked
umbrella in a barren tree. They’ll succumb
to the shape of lovers then. A hallucination
worth inhabiting for another day, at least.

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