Sister Poem

I had all the attention and toys
before you arrived but I didn’t mind
sharing even when you smashed
all my porcelain piggy banks –
the last time it happened dad brought me
the broken snout and said kiss piggy goodbye
it was all right; I still liked you.

I dyed your hair this afternoon
knowing you’d rock those pink highlights –
you’re beautiful but it’s your kindness
I particularly admire: you were always
saving pieces of cake and pizza
for family members who were late home,
even those who wouldn’t do the same
for you – it showed up my greediness
in ways that were uncomfortable
but it made me a nicer person.

You have dainty little possum hands
that can curl into powerful fists –
you’re equal parts meek and fierce
and your comic timing is at the level
of genius – you’re still hilarious
even if the joke sinks.

In addition to this you make killer
party playlists and you’re a wellspring
of inspiration for what to watch
on Netflix – I like living with you
and I’m glad you’re my sister.

If you ask me to put on
the arse-end of a pantomime horse costume
and dance around a stage
to Pony by Ginuwine, I will –
for you, Moo, I’ll always have time.

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