All These Mixed Emotions

savage garden 2Note: a ‘Cento’ is a form of poetry dating back to the 3rd Century. It is a ‘patchwork’ poem, pieced together from fragments. These fragments can be taken from one poet, or several. In this case, all fragments are lyrics from the (seriously underrated) Australian band Savage Garden

All These Mixed Emotions
a Savage Garden cento

slow motion daylight
feel the presence all
around lift me up
into that privileged
point of view beauty
so unavoidable steel
& granite reminders
you don’t have to close
your eyes take up
shelter in the base
of my spine compassion
in the jungle when we
used to live for the night
time you just keep
me contemplating
it’s getting so loud
a thousand angels
dance around you
pour my heart to get
you in what a pleasant
dream the snow was
more lonely than cold
if you know what
I mean I believe
in love surviving
death into eternity