Best Australian Poems 2015


It’s nothing short of an honour to have been included in this year’s Best Australian Poems, edited by Geoff Page.

The poem is My Friend’s Mum, which was first published in Cordite Poetry Review (edited by John Tranter).

My family always inwardly groans when I get into these things, as it means they’ll be receiving another book of poetry for Christmas. Mum said I’d have a better chance of getting published if I don’t use swearwords, however this particular poem flies in the face of that advice.

Above you’ll see this year’s beautiful edition modelled by my cat, Uli. Poetry brings in just enough money to buy cat food (the cheap kind) so she at least is happy for me to pursue my art.

Want to buy it? Go to Glebebooks. (Or ask me, I get a discount lol).

‘My Friend’s Mum’ in Cordite

At the risk of blaring my own trumpet, I have recently had a poem published in Cordite No Theme IV; edited by John Tranter.

The poem is called My Friend’s Mum and it was written while I was on holiday in Auckland late last year.

The mum and I are still on friendly terms (thank god!) but the hobo and I are not. C’est la vie.

This is the second time I’ve appeared in Cordite, which is leading me to suspect that I may be halfway decent at this poetry thing. It’s also the second time that Mr Tranter has selected one of my poems for publication (the first was for The Best Australian Poems 2012).

Even better, Cordite No Theme IV also features a wonderful poem called Imaginary Cinema by my friend Miro Bilbrough. She’s amazing.

I’ve got a lot of stuff happening right now, but some new poetry should be appearing soon. Stay tuned. 🙂