Poets on Porches Drinking Tea


In July 2015 I travelled to California to attend a poetry conference. It was actually just a coincidence that Luke Davies (the poet whose work I am studying) happened to be at his home in LA while I was there, but it was a blessed week, and (after some serious prodding from my supervisor) I arranged to meet him for an interview.

I am not a journalist, and I am also not an excessively confident person, but despite these impediments I managed to do it without having a seizure or vomiting on myself. Even better, I was able to cobble together enough material from the ‘interview’ to pitch it to Meanjin, and (gods be praised!) they accepted it.

It’s out now!


Note: ‘Poets on Porches Drinking Tea’ is a nod to ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee‘. I’m an enormous fan of Jerry Seinfeld, and I actually think there are many parallels between poetry and comedy.

Anyway. I’m so happy to see it in print. Cheers Luke, you are the coolest poet to do a doctorate on; all my PhD buddies are jealous.


‘Amaranthine’ in Meanjin


The Summer 2015 edition of Meanjin is now out, and it features a poem from… you guessed it, me.

It’s a love poem, which is appropriate given the ‘love letter’ theme.

For any creative writing student in Australia, getting into Meanjin is kind of like getting into the Olympics. So this is a particularly surreal honour.

Another nice thing is that I’m particularly fond of this poem. It came together so beautifully.